Research Council


Approved and endorsed by the FDA. The Research Council aims to provide the R3 Stem Cell mission in a very fascinating manner which is as follows:

The research council has several committees to accomplish its tasks.

 These are as follows:

Research council members:

Message from the Director Research

Welcome to the Research Council Website of the R3 Stem Cell Therapeutic clinic. Research is essential to our institute and we take pride in creating new knowledge bases through our hands-on research-based findings. In particular, we seek to produce significant and transforming research and knowledge-sharing networks to enhance the quality of life of people. We ensure the provision of quality services to our patients at all times. R3 Stem Cell is FDA-regulated and DRAP approved.

Our faculty are researching a multitude of areas including the treatment of chronic diseases using Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Cells (UC-MSCs). Today R3 Stem Cell is positioned, to make a key contribution to the advancement of disease treatment research. R3 Stem Cell takes responsibility to provide effective medical care at the hospital as well as to share the knowledge at the community levels. We provide health care with improved quality of healthcare services through skilled human resources in the field of innovative medical science.

 R3 Stem Cell is known nationwide for its truly remarkable research programs, which reflect the expertise, creativity, and initiative of the faculty who set the research agenda. It is believed that research and innovation are crucial precursors of a country’s development as they define its pace towards modernism in terms of technological growth.

We at R3 Stem Cell keep our faculty informed by disseminating the latest information through emails about research opportunities.

Please explore this website for different resources and initiatives that are in place to support research and feel free to reach out to us if you want to make any collaboration.

Dr. David Lawrence Greene

Director Research
R3 Stem Cell International

David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA - CEO - R3 Stem Cell

Message from Assistant Director Research

Greetings! We, at R3 Stem Cell, invite all health-related corporations and social sectors to join hands with us for a better-integrated approach to start comprehensive and significant research in the medical field to ensure the improved quality of human lives.

We aim to introduce concrete research proposals and cater to valuable research projects and solve health problems, which are prevalent in our country. We have experts and researchers available at the clinic who have decades of experience in their specialized areas of expertise as researchers and practitioners. Through these steps, we aim to contribute something strategically beneficial for the welfare of all human beings.

R3 Stem Cell utilizes umbilical cord mesenchymal cells (UC-MSCs) to treat more than 82 chronic diseases. It takes epic responsibility to ensure the safe cure of the treatment provided. I am very confident that R3 Stem Cell will be successful in providing cures for many other chronic diseases as we remain committed to enhancing the quality of life of the people of Pakistan.

Much Obliged

Ms. Umm E Habiba 

Assistant Director Research
R3 Stem Cell Pakistan