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R3 Stem Cell works as an effective all-encompassing research-oriented framework while relieving the pain and agony of all our patients who are suffering from several chronic, acute, and degenerative diseases through the innovative methods of regenerative medicine therapy. R3 Stem Cell aims to enhance the quality of life and generate new knowledge points through high standard research practices as our stem cell specialists strive to cure diseases affecting millions of lives. R3 Stem Cell as a priority acknowledges the underlying needs in the countries and regions we are currently serving and to the ones where we will soon start our operations.


R3 Stem Cell is completely devoted while we carry out our high standard and ethically driven research practices as stated in our mission statement. All clinical departments are actively engaged in research in their respective area of expertise. R3 Stem Cell is conducting several ongoing types of research simultaneously. R3 Stem Cell is committed to offering excellence as we perform research in different departments:

Clinical Research Office

Clinical Research Office (CRO) is creating a fully functional, strong regenerative medicine and stem cell research community for knowledge management and knowledge sharing while communicating effectively to all stakeholders. This community is involved in a range of key tasks concerning our research practices. CRO is also involved in the conduction and dissemination of research principles, which define the scientific standards and code of conduct of research that should be followed by all researchers.

CRO is actively involved in several research studies while being in collaboration with internationally leading researchers. To ensure that all research conducted at the Hospital is in accordance with internationally recognized guidelines; our research guidelines include a well-defined selection and review process for all research activities, to ensure the safety of rights and well-being of research subjects including all ethical best practices and the required consents from the participants of the particular research studies.

A core task of CRO is the coordination of clinical trials. For the time, CRO has aided in clinical trials in a diverse range of therapeutic areas. Well-trained clinical research officers are the main advocates of patients involved in all clinical trials we are part of.

Physician investigators of R3 Stem Cell Pakistan are eager to do their research into the causes and treatments of several serious diseases. In addition, the existing information has also been increasingly harnessed to gather crucial evidence to answer certain research questions in the form of retrospective studies.

CRO team has had the privilege to represent the institute in national and international conferences and research-based meetings.

Clinical Data Management

The Clinical Data Management (CDM) staff is responsible for processing and producing summaries on cases that are part of the research.

Basic Science Research Laboratory

In today’s world where the ‘New Normal’ is prevalent, our ultimate aim is to make the outcome of our research into a practical measure for the patients’ well-being. The Basic Science Research Laboratory (BSRL) is provided to conduct cellular and stem cell studies. The lab is also engaged in investigating the use of Stem Cells in treating multiple diseases. Studies are also being conducted with the hope to cure chronic diseases and lessen their impact on future generations.

Guidelines for Research

Guidelines for obtaining scientific and ethical approval for research:

Research Publications

R3 Stem Cell has posed great emphasis on research and findings. R3 Stem Cell holds pride in providing excellent research opportunities to trainees and healthcare professionals. R3 Stem Cell encourages its members to represent their research findings in many reputable meetings, both, locally and globally. Several pilot and commercial studies are in the queue of progress.

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