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R3 Stem Cell Pakistan Privacy Policy

At, we believe that keeping patient’s data and concerns confidential. We respect your privacy. As it is the time of internet media and we at R3 Stem Cell Pakistan understand the hassle of the internet that arises when a company doesn’t respect your privacy. So, keep yourself assured that we will do everything to protect your privacy when you reach this site. In this privacy policy, we will tell you the piece of information we require from you and how we use it next in the future.

Your trust at R3 Stem Cell Pakistan is valuable for us. We want you to get yourself assured that your information is safe and private with us. If you have additional queries, feel free to reach us at or (051) 8896711. Please note we will be updating the privacy policies from time to time to better protect and serve our clients in a better way. Please check yourself with the updated privacy policies periodically.

What type of information does R3 Stem Cell Pakistan collect?

We collect customer information to provide better and excellent customer service and communicate with them according to their circumstances. To serve you in a better way, we gather information. Please note down our terms and conditions of Stem Cell Therapy use which relates to the specific user account management

First, when you start visiting our site, we collect some information that will be non-personal and identifiable. We collect data from the computer “cookies”, such as your IP address, domain name, browser type, and the specific website pages you click. This data is collected automatically and helps us to enhance your experience with R3 Stem Cell Pakistan.

Second, we ask you to provide additional information on a volunteer basis. For example, while signing up with an R3 Stem Cell Pakistan user account, we ask you to provide your name, number, email id, address, and credit card number for the payment method. You may get the newsletter in your email inbox if you agree to subscribe to R3 Stem Cell Pakistan. The above-mentioned data is identifiable and helps us to track your queries and experience with R3 Stem Cell Pakistan.

Furthermore, to meet your requirements and goals, we may collect some information based on your demography, payment method information, and an email to get in touch with the third party.

What information do we share and with whom?

R3 Stem Cell Pakistan is liable to keep your data confidential and does not sell our customer information in the outside market. We may share your information with the R3 Stem Cell members, official forums, different joint venture corporations with Greene Technologies, LLC. We aim to provide our customers the better products and services. R3 Stem Cell family of business holds Greene Technologies, LLC, any other R3 Stem Cell subsidiary, any other third-party which strongly commends our strict and standard policies to provide the best products and services. We keep in mind your needs, expectations, and quality for our customers.

In different circumstances, we may share your information with other services provider that needs access to your information to provide better customer support services. This may include any promotional efforts, giveaways, and special discounts on the selected services. Remember, these service providers are bound to protect your personal information with full confidentiality. These service providers sign strict compliance policies with the R3 Stem Cell Pakistan. We may provide your information to regulatory authorities, or law enforcement authorized personalities to revise or amend any public health law.

How can I access my R3StemCellpk information?

If you want to provide services, or already listed on our site, or wants to learn new insights into Stem Cell Therapy, please call us at (051) 8896711 or email us at

Will I receive notice of changes to the Privacy Policy?

Unfortunately No. This privacy policy is subjected to any desired change without prior notice and the changes will be implemented on an immediate basis.


Here at R3 Stem Cell Pakistan, we aim to protect our customers’ personal information and provide excellent customer services. If you have any queries, feel free to reach us anytime at (051) 8896711 or email us at