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What is a Stroke and How It Develops

When any patient suffers from a Stroke, it can cause a severe and permanent neurological impairment. The affected persons suffering from a stroke might have trouble maintaining their speech or face a restriction in movement of their bodies or a part of their body on a permanent basis. Stroke is among the top causes of death in the developed countries, and one of the most important diseases in functional disability.

Stroke is a serious health condition that directly affects the vessels, which transports blood to the brain. It’s also called thrombosis at times and is known as Cerebrovascular Accident in medical terms. A stroke usually occurs when one of the blood vessels breaks or gets clogged. When it gets blocked, by a clot or it may be due to some other particles in the blood, it leaves a part of the brain without appropriate blood supply and may cause the demise of nerve cells or the neurons present in our brains.

Stroke Is a High Mortality Disease

When one of the vessels in our brain gets punctured, it activates a hemorrhage, the severity of which can cause almost instantaneous death. However, when the patient survives, it still can cause serious and permanent neurological damage. It is known that the patient who suffers from a stroke, has a higher chance of successful treatment and the reduction of the post-treatment complexities if the patient arrives at the healthcare facility before eight hours have been passed. Preferably, the results will be better if it is within the first four or two hours after the onset of the stroke. This also shows that if the patient is late for the treatment, it may cause difficulties in their recovery and perhaps lead to death as well.

In some cases, patients manage to survive the stroke, however, they are left with mild paralysis of the right or left side of their body and this usually affects their ability to speak as well. With therapies and medications, it is possible to regain the lost ability, but if the medication is interrupted and there is no medical control, the stroke can reappear in a more damaging way. Indications of a Stroke appear suddenly. The patient must be taken immediately to a healthcare center without any delay.

Signs Of Having a Stroke

As the stroke appears the patient might feel instant tingling or weakness in different parts of the body, particularly if it is on one side of the body. Unexpected confusion, trouble speaking or comprehending, sudden difficulty to move around, loss of coordination are a few warning signs that show the presence of a stroke. Likewise, sudden problems in the vision are also possible, headaches without a cause can be a clear warning sign to seek medical attention and prevent the stroke before it becomes lethal.

Stem Cell Treatments for Stroke

Stroke is a serious disease; in worst cases, it can cause death instantaneously. Apart from that, this disease can leave the patient with irreversible damage done to the brain or other parts of the body. Regenerative medicine treatment for stroke is not less than a breakthrough in terms of medical science and healthcare services being provided to the masses. Stem cells rejuvenation treatment for stroke allows the patient to better deal with the disease. Stem cell therapy for stroke is considered to be among the most effective treatments available for this disease. Along these lines, patients who are at risk of stroke or have already experienced a stroke should consider modern and promising stem cell treatment. According to the promising results of similar treatments, patients may even start reversing the effects of the stroke they had previously suffered.

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