kidney failure

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What Is Meant By Kidney Failure And How It Develops

Kidneys in the human body are the twin organs that are connected with the ureters, the bladder, and the urethra, which links the whole urinary system. Kidneys are also the organs that allow us to release toxic and waste substances from our bodies. This is mainly because they are responsible for cleaning the blood, consequently forming urine, and expelling it from our bodies. Kidneys are positioned evenly on both sides of our spine, right below our thoracic cavity, they are about the size of a human fist and resembles the form of a bean. Our kidneys comprise more than a million minuscule filters known as glomeruli, that allow the kidneys to perform different functions, keeping us healthy all the time.

Diverse reasons can cause our kidneys to break down, forcing one or both kidneys to be unable to efficiently perform their vital functions. The kidney operates like a wheelbarrow having two wheels. By chance one kidney stops working appropriately and we have to use only one, however, the other one is in a healthy condition, that kidney will perform its duties properly. While that single kidney must be protected particularly so that the extensive workload to which it is subjected will not force it to failure like the other one. The failure of one kidney in a patient who still has another kidney that is working fine will not cause kidney failure. However, several precautions are to be followed, to keep that single kidney working to the best of its abilities without having the risk of its breakdown.

Types Of Kidney Diseases

Acute Renal Failure

In this type of kidney disease, the kidney usually stops working abruptly, for a period of hours or even days. Medical treatment may be required on an immediate basis, which could include dialysis as well. In most situations, it is a rescindable condition with accurate handling and medical interventions.

Chronic Kidney Failure

In this second type of kidney disease, we can say that the kidney disease is continued over a long period of time and is usually quite painful. It develops progressively and permanently. The degree of its development will depend on the cause, including all the other factors involved in its appearance namely patient’s age, general health condition, the situation of the patient’s blood pressure, usage of toxic drugs, appropriate food intake that is healthy for the kidney among other factors.

Stem Cell Treatment for Kidney Failure

Regenerative medicine procedures offer access to a comprehensive treatment protocol for Kidney related diseases may they be short-termed or chronic in nature. Kidney treatments have been done using premium quality stem cells, all-embracing rehabilitation, holistic natural well-being practices, and various other supportive therapies. The stem cell rejuvenation treatments have shown highly positive signs in kidney-related diseases, especially people with breathing problems. With this active grouping of the most promising medical technologies, along with methodical physical and professional therapies, patients suffering from chronic kidney failures have received benefits and continue to do so all over the world.

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