Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction and how it develops

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the long-term incapability to achieve and maintain an erection, stiff enough to retain and successfully sustain a sensual physical relationship. It is a widespread issue, which is common all over the world. As one out of every five men face this problem once their age is eighteen and over. However, this risk increases with age in men, and after the age of forty, the risk of erectile dysfunction can increase exponentially.

To explain this condition, we must know the process of erection. The penis is made up of different cylinders, two of them are made of corpora cavernosa in the upper part and the corpus spongiosum in the lower part. The erection is caused by the entry of arterial blood into the corpora cavernosa, while the occlusive system of the veins gets activated to stop the departure of arterial blood from the penis.

Common Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

A lesser stiff erection can be because of the insufficient arterial blood inflow as this is the most common reason or it could be due to a failure of the arterial occlusive system. The entry and staying of blood in the penis, as well as its sensitivity, are normally regulated by the nerves of the penis, which are coming from our spinal cord, and remain connected with our brain. An accurate hormonal balance is also important, especially for healthy arousal. Lastly, a suitable psychological environment is essential for the erection process to work well. Therefore, we can say that erection is a neurovascular concept and is produced under hormonal control and in a specific psychological environment.

Simply said erection is a neurovascular concept that occurs under sensitive hormonal changes and needs a specific psychological environment. We can also comprehend that any neurological, vascular, hormonal, or psychological pathology can affect the mechanisms of the erection and increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in the patients. The main causes of impotence are those related to cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, tobacco, inactive routine, and obesity. There are also other physical causes such as alcohol consumption, drug abuse, chronic diseases (related to lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys), hormonal alterations (related to the release of testosterone, prolactin, thyroid hormone), neurological alterations (may include multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries).

Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Human bodies are ultracomplex, and they comprise overwhelming chemical processes as well as intricate physiological properties, and treatment of its diseases is never a simple task. Regenerative medicinal therapies equip our bodies to heal themselves, and this healthcare service is among the marvels of medical sciences that are now recognized throughout the world. The stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction is a splendid way to treat this condition.

The results will soon start to show and you will never have to go through any painful operations or too risky surgeries. Stem Cell treatment of erectile dysfunction has been gaining a great response from the masses. Thousands of test cases are available for patients suffering from this condition to help them make up their minds. In this sense, stem cell treatment offers more value than any other traditional treatment that comes with higher rates of risks and perhaps failures as well.

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