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Table of Contents

Emphysema: Symptoms, Causes, and Stem Cell Treatment


With increasing age, we often started catching different diseases. Sometimes it’s our movement ability that’s affected. And other times it’s our breathing ability. No matter which category the disease falls in. It is always a discomfort living with it. The breathing problem is usually caused due to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). COPD further has different types such as Emphysema, Asthma, or Chronic Bronchitis.

What is Emphysema Condition

Emphysema is a condition in our lungs that causes shortness of breath. It is a type of COPD. People that have emphysema have difficulty breathing. As the air sacs in their lungs are damaged. These air sacs are responsible for taking in oxygen and are known as alveoli. This condition weakens and ruptures the inner walls of the alveoli with time. Leaving larger air spaces instead of multiple small ones (natural). 

Due to this condition, we can not exhale air properly. And old air gets stuck in our lungs. Which in turn makes it difficult to get in the fresh air. People with emphysema mostly have chronic bronchitis as well however it’s not necessary that they do.

Early Signs of Emphysema?

The signs and symptoms of emphysema usually take years to develop. However, if a person is feeling the following things, it should be good to get their lungs checked.

↠ Shortness of Breath.

↠ Coughing with mucus.

↠ Wheezing.

↠ Tightness in the chest. 

↠ Fatigue.

↠ Not being able to get enough air.

Main Causes of of Emphysema

Emphysema can be caused due to several reasons. But the most common reason is smoking. Which also makes it preventable. Apart from smoking, there can be other factors that cause emphysema.

These are;

↠ Genetic Factors. (A family history of COPD)

↠ Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

↠ Respiratory Infections


The earlier emphysema is diagnosed and caught in a body, the better the chances to stop it. There are several tests that can be done in order to diagnose a body with emphysema.

These are;


X-rays are used to catch emphysema in a body in the very early stages.

Oxygen Saturation Test

Also known as Pulse oximetry. This test is used to measure the oxygen content of the blood.


Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are done only to rule out any heart diseases that might be causing the shortness of breath.

Arterial Blood Gas

This is done by measuring the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood from an artery. Usually, this test is done for more severe cases of emphysema.

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Test

This test is done to check the amount of Alpha-1 antitrypsin in the body. And find out whether there’s a deficiency.

Lung Functioning Test

A lung functioning test is done to check if the lungs are functioning normally. They are inhaling and exhaling normally and there isn’t anything unnatural happening.


One of the most valuable tests, spirometry is used to determine any airway blockage. This is done to measure a lung’s volume when a person inhales and exhales air.

Treatments of Emphysema

Although it is believed that emphysema cannot be completely treated. There are certain treatment options that can be opted to manage symptoms. And stop the condition from getting any worse. These treatments include;

Quitting to Smoke

As smoking is the most common cause of emphysema. Quitting to smoke can help in relieving symptoms and managing the condition. It’s never too late to quit smoking. And it is the best step one can take in order to protect their lungs. There are several quitting methods that can be opted to help. Such as nicotine patches or other replacements.

Oxygen Therapy

This therapy is prescribed to patients who cannot absorb enough oxygen through their lungs. The damage to the lungs is causing them to have difficulty getting enough oxygen. And a machine is used to provide the body with the amount of oxygen it needs to work normally.

Bronchodilator Medications

These are medications usually given to asthma patients. They ease the muscles around the airways and help in breathing. Usually taken through a handheld inhalant.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

These medications are used to reduce the inflammation in the airways. However, they have side effects if used in long term, such as hypertension, sugar, etc.

Lung Reduction Surgery

For the most severe cases, lung volume reduction has opted. This surgery helps remove the dead tissue of the lungs and join the remaining tissue together. This helps improve lung elasticity and reduces pressure on the lungs. 

Apart from these treatments, some lifestyle changes can also work in improving the condition. Such as;

↠ Brushing and flossing daily.

↠ Keeping clean breathing equipment.

↠ Wearing masks.

↠ Avoiding smoke of any kind, especially cigarette smoke.

↠ Exercising.

↠ Keep your environment clean and dust free.

↠ Avoiding pollution.

Stem Cell Procedure for Emphysema

Stem cells have the ability to replace any cell in the body. When inserted into a body part, these cells trace dead or damaged cells and repair or replace them. Therefore stem cell procedures are used to treat COPD conditions like emphysema. These procedures can replace dead lung tissue and improve the condition. They work better than any other treatment as they not only stop the condition from worsening. They also improve the condition by repairing the damaged cells in the lungs. They also have anti-inflammatory properties which makes them able to reduce inflammation in the airways.

Stem cell therapies are the most advanced type of medical treatment. And have been performing miraculous things when it comes to treating different diseases.

Can Stem Cell Therapy repair lungs?

Stem cell therapies can repair lungs owing to their regenerative properties. They can help reduce inflammation. And repair or replace the dead cells and tissues in the lungs. Thus improving the condition of the lungs and making them function normally again.

Benefits of Stem Cells for treating Emphysema

Using stem cell therapy for treating emphysema has several benefits when compared to other complicated processes. These are;

↠ Stem cells are more promising in treating emphysema than other treatments.

↠ They are less complicated than surgeries.

↠ They don’t require opening our body up and can be easily performed.

↠ They have lesser recovery time when compared to surgeries.

↠ They can improve lung conditions without having to put any artificial organ in the body.

↠ They can cost less than most surgical procedures.

R3 Stem Cell Pakistan for treating Lung Conditions

R3 stem cell Pakistan is one of the pioneers and best in the field. With the mentorship and involvement of one of the best doctors in the field Dr. David Greene from the USA. R3 stem cell Pakistan has been proving to be a last resort for many patients who lost hope for treatments for various diseases.

The stem cells that are used by R3 Stem cell Pakistan are regulated by the FDA in the USA where it is imported from and the DRAP in Pakistan. The best quality stem cells are used in the procedures. And hundreds of patients have been treated in Pakistan at the R3 stem cell since it first opened. And many are coming every day.

So, if you have a problem with your lungs such as Emphysema, visit R3 stem cell to get a free consultation today. And take a step toward a happy and healthy life. Reach us out at (051-8896711) or leave an email at info@r3stemcell.pk

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