What is COPD and How It Develops

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a general term for two main diseases one is called Chronic Bronchitis and the other one is Emphysema. Both conditions make inhalation and exhalation difficult. That means the body has a hard time getting enough oxygen or has excess carbon dioxide in its body.

COPD initially develops by partly obstructing the passage of air when we breathe. Therefore, the coming of oxygen into our blood is reduced. COPD is a chronic disease this also means that it might be carried by the patient for the rest of their lives. Being a progressive disease, it worsens over time if the reasons that cause it are not avoided and it is not treated appropriately. However, if COPD is detected early enough, its progression can be decelerated by applying the appropriate measures.

The main cause of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is tobacco. Most COPD patients smoke or have been smokers at a time in their lives. Inhalation of other substances that irritate the lungs, such as pollution, CFC fumes, chemical fumes, or dust, can also contribute to its appearance. The air is directed towards the lungs through increasingly narrow and more numerous ducts, like a tree that branches out from the bronchi to the bronchioles, these are very fine tubes that end in sachets called alveoli.

Blood capillaries, which are the smallest and finest vessels in the circulatory system, surround these alveoli and capture the oxygen that reaches them, releasing carbon dioxide. These gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide, pass from the alveoli to the blood and vice versa. The alveoli must be very thin and elastic. In COPD, this process occurs very poorly since the bronchioles and alveoli lose their elasticity, thin walls of the alveoli are destroyed and the bronchi swell and inflame. The lungs make more mucus than normal and this causes these airways to get blocked. COPD causes many health problems in people and is also a cause of high mortality.

Stem Cell Treatments for COPD

Regenerative medicinal treatments are gaining ground in modern healthcare services all over the world. There are more positive treatment results than ever before. This is because medical specialists are using stem cell therapies to help patients suffering from chronically painful diseases such as COPD.

Stem cell therapies are pain-free; they are minimally invasive and might save you from going through highly painful and precision-based surgeries which are very costly may require a long time before you can get back to your normal life routine.

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