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What Is Aging

The simple definition of aging as stated by the ‘World Health Organization’, is that it is the consequence of the buildup of a range of molecular and cellular loss with time, which leads to a steady decline in physical and psychological capacities, increasing risks to chronic diseases, and eventually death. This explanation is one of the most commonly accepted, still, it is necessary to clarify that in a person’s life there are two phases namely an evolutionary process and the second is the involution process.

The evolutionary process occurs from birth to adolescence, ending when you reach the age of maturity, which is around the age of 25 years. The second process is involution and is identified with mature aging like 35 plus. The changes and alterations that occur in the second phase are not linear or uniform. These changes can appear in unknown age brackets of maturity and their progression is different for each person.

How is Chronological Aging and Biological Aging Different

Chronological aging and biological aging may not overlap, yet some senior citizens are in excellent physical and psychological health, while others are weak and in need of considerable medical help. This provides proof that the chronological age is always advancing and it cannot be reversed, however, it is possible to take action on biological aging by slowing it down and achieve healthy longevity in one’s life.

Aging itself may not be a disease, but due to changes in the physiology of the person, various diseases may befall them. This is why, health specialists always guide their patients to make healthy life choices, so when they age, minimum chronic diseases get developed within those patients. While anti-aging treatments with stem cell therapy are considered as a physiological health longevity practice. The procedures help slow down the aging process without any harmful surgeries and synthetic medications.

Stem Cell Treatments for Anti-Aging

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy have become a simple and yet most effective restoring treatment for aging, especially for the face and neck parts of the body. The whole procedure is designed to fight the signs of aging, which are produced by damaged and or weakened cells in that area of the body. A combination of highly rejuvenating, restoring, and repairing stem cell products with the exclusive stem cell therapy procedures makes sure the patients receive fully satisfying results.

This procedure helps prolong the life of skin cells by repairing visible deep wrinkles in a naturally rejuvenating way. Stem cells that are used in treatment adapt perfectly to the physiognomy of the face and neck of the patient. It generates an occlusive effect that improves permeability and the transporting efficiency of active ingredients, which will be later applied on the skin to achieve an intensively regenerating effect. For patients, it is essential to carry out the complete procedure, to see the comprehensive results even though in each session positive results will be visible.

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