Knee Pain: Stem Cell Therapy vs Joint Replacement

Knee Pain: Stem Cell Therapy vs Joint Replacement

"Best medical decision I ever made! The stem cell procedure is quick, easy and has no recovery down time! Great alternative to surgery if that is an option."

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There might be times in life when we feel discomfort in a part of our body. Sometimes, it’s our knees that have a problem. Which makes it very difficult for us to work or live our lives normally. We feel problems walking and performing routine functions. And it really requires treatment in order to get rid of the problem. Knee pain is a common disease that can happen to people of all ages. But it is most common in adults. It mostly happens to athletes that run and jump a lot, therefore, resulting in an injury or problems. It may be a result of an injury or an underlying disease. Conditions like arthritis, gout, or infections can cause problems. Or problems such as ligament rupture or tearing of cartilage can be a reason.

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Knee Pain Types

The knee joint is one of the most important joints in the body. It is the joint that connects our thigh bone to the shin bone. And is responsible for movement and bending. It carries our weight and helps us perform important movements. 

It is also one of the most injury-prone joints. And there are a number of injuries that can happen to our joints. These are;

1. Fractures

The knees are protected by a kneecap. In case of physical damage, the kneecaps protect our knees from injuries. Therefore, the kneecaps can themselves take the hit and get injured. 

This can cause the kneecaps to get fractures. Which is a serious problem and requires treatment. Sometimes to the extent of surgery.

2. Dislocation

As the name suggests, dislocation is when the knee gets out of place. This can be caused due to physical damage or impact. Such as serious sports injuries, car accidents, and high-impact damages. Dislocated knees require relocation. And it usually takes around 6 weeks to recover with a doctor’s help.

3. ACL Injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is knee tissue. It joins the upper and lower part of the leg together and is responsible for keeping the knee stable. It can get damaged due to unnatural leg movement. Extending the leg forward too much or twisting the leg too much can cause the ACL to get damaged.

These are the most common types of knee injuries. And account for around 40% of all sports-related injuries according to research.

4. PCL Injuries

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) is what connects the femur bone to the shinbone. And keeps the shinbone from moving too far back. This ligament is located at the back side of the knees. This is mostly caused due to trauma or physical damage.

5. Collateral Ligament Injuries

This is one of the most important ligaments in the knees. An injury to the collateral ligament is a common sports injury. This ligament can be easily torn when the lower leg is forced sideways.

6. Meniscal Tears

Known as the meniscus, it is a cartilage piece between the joint that absorbs shock. It is responsible for providing a cushion to the joint and keeping it stable. It mostly happens to athletes who play sports where jumping is required. Or a sudden change in direction while running can also cause the meniscus to tear.

7. Tendon Tears

The patellar tendon in the knee works together with the muscles in front of the thigh. It helps straighten the leg. While most common among athletes and middle-aged people. It can usually happen to anyone. Surgery might be required in case of a complete tear as it is considered a disabling injury. However mostly these are only partial tears and resting could also do the trick.

Knee Pain Treatment

Different conditions of the knees require different types of treatments. The following treatment options are available depending on your type of problem;

1. Medications

Over-the-counter medications can be used to relieve pain. Or to treat another underlying problem. You should however consult with your doctor in case you are taking medications for pain regularly

2. Physical Therapy

Sometimes, in order to strengthen the muscles around the knees. And make them more stable. Physical therapies are used. They can guarantee the best movement improvements. Working regularly with a physical therapist can help you avoid injuries to the knees.

3. Injections

Injections like corticosteroids and lubricants are injected directly into the knee to help in certain situations. These can help overcome inflammation or arthritis in the knees. And are usually repeated every few months.

4. Surgery

Another option for more severe cases is surgery. In cases where there are multiple knee injuries, surgery might be the only answer. These range from Arthroscopic knee surgery to a total replacement.

A. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

It is a common knee surgery procedure. It allows a physician to use small holes and a fiber optic camera to look inside a knee. The surgeon can repair the injuries and remove pieces of small loose bones or cartilage.

B. Partial Replacement

In this surgery, damaged parts of the knees are replaced with plastic and metal parts. This procedure has a comparatively shorter recovery time than a full knee replacement. And is used for partially damaged knees.

C. Total Replacement

As the name suggests. In this surgery, the complete knee joint is replaced with an artificial one.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

Another advanced option is stem cell therapy for knee problems. Stem cells are the most advanced miracle in the medical technology field. They are regenerative cells that have the ability to trace and replace or repair a damaged or dead cell. It’s their miraculous quality that enables them to treat knee injuries better than any other available option. Stem cells can get inside the knee and find areas with problems. Trace damaged cells and tissues and repair them. Or replaces the dead ones. This makes the stem cells able to treat knee injuries and restore their normal function.

Comparison of Replacement Surgery vs Stem Cell Therapy

Surgeries are a very complicated process and have a factor of risk when they’re performed. They require tearing the skin and replacing a body part. And are very costly. Apart from being complicated and expensive, surgeries also don’t offer a complete guarantee of treating a problem. They also take a lot of time to be performed. Also, the recovery process after a surgery is performed is very lengthy. On the other hand, stem cells are injected into a body part using a syringe.

They don’t require complicated procedures to be performed. And a stem cell professional can do the procedure in a little amount of time as compared to surgeries. When it comes to costs, stem cells can be comparatively cheaper than most surgeries. And they have been proving to be miraculous when it comes to treating complicated diseases. They repair the existing body parts and don’t require artificial things to be added to the body. They are natural. E.g umbilical cord stem cells. And can achieve amazing results in a relatively shorter time.

Is Stem Cell Therapy better than Knee Replacement?

Stem cell treatments are better than knee replacement due to the following key factors;

  • They are less complicated.
  • Joint replacement might not work and can create more complications in the body.
  • They don’t require tearing the skin or replacing any body organs.
  • Recovery time for a stem cell treatment is way less than surgery.
  • The cost of a stem cell treatment can be comparatively lower than surgery.
  • Stem cells repair damaged cells and tissues and rejuvenate the natural body parts.

Why do many people choose stem cell procedures instead of joint replacement surgery?

People choose stem cell treatments instead of joint replacement surgery because they are less complicated. They cost less and have a relatively lesser recovery time. They don’t require long procedures and can be performed way quicker than surgery. Therefore, more and more people nowadays tend to opt for stem cell procedures instead of surgeries.

R3 Stem Cell Clinic for Knee Pain

R3 stem cell in Pakistan is one of the pioneers and best in the field of stem cell treatments. They provide stem cell treatments for various types of diseases which include knee injuries. Under the experience of the doctors who are the best in their field. And by using the best quality stem cells that are both FDA USA and DRAP Pakistan approved. R3 stem cell offers the best treatments for knee problems. Hundreds of patients with various diseases have been treated at R3 Stem Cell Pakistan with more and more coming every day. And getting the treatment that was not available earlier leads them to live a healthy and happy life.

So, if you or anyone you know has a knee injury and is deprived of living a healthy and happy life. Contact R3 stem cell today and get a free consultation with the best doctors in the field. Reach us out by phone at (051)889-6711 or email us at and take a step towards a better life.

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