Can Stem Cell Therapy Improve Sciatica Pain?

Can Stem Cell Therapy Improve Sciatica Pain?

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The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in our body. Composed of a bundle of 5 root nerves from the lower spine. Compression or damage to this nerve due to bone spurs, herniated disk, or narrowing of the spine causes inflammation and sharp pain.

This pain is often referred to as Sciatica or Sciatic nerve pain. The pain usually extends along the nerve’s route; entailing the lower back, hip, outer leg, and knee joints. In severe cases, it can spread up to the foot. Sciatic pain usually affects only one side of the body and resolves within weeks without the need for drastic measures. However, in some severe cases, it necessitates serious surgical treatments.

This can be very intimidating to many patients who suffer from sciatic nerve pain. This article addresses concerned patients about the latest and innovative treatment options like stem cell therapy which eliminates the need for surgery.

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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a novel approach to treating sciatic nerve pain. It is one of the most promising treatments available for sciatica in today’s times. This cellular therapy is a well-known regenerative treatment that promotes the body’s inherent power by using stem cells. These cells are the body’s natural defense against disease, trauma, and premature aging.

Researchers have been studying these cells for the last 30 years. Stem cells exhibit anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, proliferative, and differentiation capabilities. These characteristics enable stem cells to treat a wide range of chronic, autoimmune, genetic, and traumatic disorders, including sciatic nerve pain.

Sources and Administration:

Cell-based therapy involves infusing cellular material into the patient’s body to treat various disorders.  This can be done through intrathecal or Intravenous injections. The cellular material can be acquired from a variety of sources, though the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid stem cells show the most promising results in treating sciatic pain.

Cells harvested from the umbilical cord or amniotic fluid do not require much alteration before administration because they are younger and unclaimed. These cells have higher immune-modulatory and pluripotent tendencies. These are also free from any ethical or moral concerns.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work on Sciatic Patients:

When administered to patients with sciatica pain, these cells merge with the surrounding microenvironment to avoid unfavorable immune responses. This enables them to respond quickly to damage without intervention from the immune system. After merging, stem cells self-replicate, resulting in pools of unclaimed raw cells. These cells then identify damage and differentiate in accordance with the requirements.

Stem cells are the only cells in our bodies that can differentiate into lineage-specific cells. The stem cells restore the damaged nerve cells, muscles, and tissues in sciatic sufferers. Furthermore, the stem cells also help to re-align the slipped disk.

Effects of Stem Cells Therapy on Sciatic Patients:

There are a number of reasons that can cause sciatic nerve pain. These include slipped herniated disk, narrowing of the spinal cord due to blood clots, compression due to bone growth, any chronic disease, over-use, injury, or trauma.

Stem cell therapy shows improvement regardless of what is causing the issue. The following are the effects of stem cell therapy that were observed on the patients with sciatic pain.

– Stem cells soothe inflammation in and around the sciatic nerve. This provides muscle relief and lessens joint weakness.

– Depending on the cause of the sciatic damage, stem cells differentiate into specialized cells. Stem cells can differentiate into beta-cells to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, this holds the damage to nerve fibers caused by high levels of blood glucose.

– Stem cells differentiate into tissue cells to repair the tissues surrounding the sciatic nerve.

– In sciatic patients stem cells influence the immune system to improve the microenvironment to delay neural death. Stem cells help repair neurons as well as differentiate into new neurons.

– Abundance of healthy neuron cells can improve motor and sensory function and also enhance muscle spasms and twitching and cramping. This also improves posture and allows healthy and balanced leg muscle function.

– Stem cells also generate non-neuronal support cells to help injured nerve fibers regenerate.

– It also encourages the non-tumorigenic response from the immune system to fight the formation of tumors.

How is stem cell treatment better than regular treatments for sciatic patients?

The painkiller dosage for sciatica starts from at least 1000mg and these can easily be harmful in the long run. Since sciatica is a neurological disorder, treating it with traditional medications can prove ineffective in some cases.

The sciatic pain progresses with time. As regenerative medicine Stem Cell therapy can help improve the body’s natural ability to repair and regenerate non-surgically. It can also prevent the progression of sciatic pain.

Post-procedure management:

Regenerative medicine is a treatment that assists the body in self-restoration. Stem cell therapy introduces the body’s basic cellular material to boost the body’s ability to repair itself. As a healthy treatment, it promotes a healthy regime in patients

Physicians often recommend coupling stem cell treatment with rehabilitation routines like physical therapy and proper nutrition. It is important to inaugurate healthy habits along with the treatment for robust results.

To quickly regain postural alignment and muscular mobility, proper physiotherapy treatments are required. To balance and sustain the effects of stem cell therapy, careful nutrition programs are also recommended.

R3 Stem Cell Pakistan

Although it seems mild but sciatic nerve pain is not something to be ignored, especially if it lingers on for more than a week. If you have recently gone through physical trauma or are a patient of any chronic illness contact R3 Stem Cell Pakistan immediately. Early treatment of sciatic pain can save you the risk of expensive and dangerous treatments

Discuss the possibility of safer options like stem cell therapy with us. Umbilical Cord Stem Cells and Amniotic Stem cells are regulated by FDA because they are classified as adult stem cells and are not concerned with any ethical challenges.

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