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R3 Stem Cell Pakistan is the pioneer healthcare provider offering FDA-regulated and DRAP-approved stem cell therapy in Pakistan. Regenerative medicine procedures are the ground-breaking biological advancement that has made possible non-surgical and fully organic way of treatment. The hospital is offering this amazing treatment here in Pakistan in collaboration with R3 Stem Cell, the USA.  

Stem cells help stimulate the body’s natural regenerative process that usually gets affected due to chronic diseases and health conditions. Conventional treatments and surgeries cannot perform such an organic rejuvenation of dead cells and tissues in the body that stem cell therapy offers. Doubtlessly, stem cell therapy and PRP injections are the long-awaited treatment methods that can work beyond mere pain management and relieving the discomfort caused by diseases, injuries, and internal damages.

R3 Stem Cell Pakistan only uses Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, Amniotic-Derived Stem Cells, Exosomes Therapy, and PRP Injections regulated by the FDA, USA, and DRAP, Pakistan.

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At R3 Stem Cell Pakistan, we give utmost priority to our patients. We believe in providing the best possible health services and comfort to the patients.

Conventionally used treatments have ever helped to control pain and provided instant relief that won’t completely fix the problem. Experts in medical science kept studying and researching to find an appropriate way of treatment that wouldn’t only provide pain relief but also treat the internal damage properly with long-term effects. Besides, avoiding surgeries and complicated treatments has ever remained one of the major concerns of all the patients as well as doctors and physicians.

All of these concerns are now resolved with the help of stem cell rejuvenation procedures. Stem cell therapy can effectively treat a variety of chronic diseases, medical conditions, injuries, and internal damages without involving any type of chemical, steroid, or other external products.

Regenerative medicine procedure is by far the most advanced and cutting-edge biological treatment. Stem cells possess natural self-renewal and regenerative properties that can repair and reproduce any type of damaged cells and tissues in the body. Specialized doctors and physicians of R3 Stem Cell Pakistan are experts in multiple areas of medicine including endocrinology, orthopedic, neuropathy, rheumatology, pulmonary/respiratory, urology, and podiatry.

R3 Stem Cell Pakistan has state-of-the-art Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Injections centers in all the major cities of Pakistan with a headquarter in Islamabad. These clinics are fully equipped with the best medical facilities and staffed with highly skilled and professional doctors, physicians, nurses, and other paramedics. The clinic runs in collaboration with the world’s renowned physician and expert in the field of regenerative medicines Dr. David Lawrence Greene certified by the department of health services, Medicare, AAAHC, and AAAASF.

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OUR Mission
R3 Stem Cell Pakistan aims to promote and improve health conditions using the advanced and technological treatment methods of stem cell therapy. 

1 The hospital works to reinstate any type of damaged or dead cells and tissues in the body using the organic regenerative properties of stem cells.

2 It is our goal to provide the cost-effective, risk-free, and purely non-surgical treatment of stem cell therapy for different chronic diseases, injuries, joint and bone inflammation, and other health conditions.

3 It’s our ultimate goal to make a possible healthy and happy life for the people of Pakistan.

OUR Values
R3 Stem Cell Pakistan believes in serving mankind up to the best. Our entire staff demonstrates a highly professional attitude blended with the supreme characteristics of integrity, veneration, honesty, and public service. Solving patients’ health concerns, providing the best and cost-effective treatment, and delivering exceptional customer services are some of our core values.
OUR Vision
R3 Stem Cell Pakistan believes in the availability of promising treatment equally for everyone across the country. The hospital not only offers the best stem cell therapy in Pakistan but also provides a unique platform for the medical and paramedical staff to practice and excel in their careers. Our vision is to provide the evolving and astounding regenerative medicine procedures of stem cell therapy to treat all major diseases and chronic illnesses across Pakistan.
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Our Progressive Research in the Regenerative Medicine Procedures
The medical experts and researchers at R3 Stem Cell have found after tireless efforts and research work that stem cell therapy can reproduce, regenerate, and grow any type of dead cells and tissues in the body. Studies have revealed the amazing properties of stem cells such as self-renewal qualities, amino-privileges, and concentrated growth, etc. These factors help stimulate the body’s natural regenerative potential to treat chronic diseases, bone, and joint inflammation, repairing the damaged cartilage, and treating a variety of complicated health conditions. Our researchers continue their professional and active studies to explore more and more hidden benefits of stem cells to serve mankind as much as possible.
What do we offer?
R3 Stem Cell Pakistan provides the following three major regenerative medicine procedures:

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Treatments
PRP Treatment R3 Stem Cell Pakistan

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy

PRP Injections or Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Amniotic Derived Stem Cells In Pakistan
Exosomes Therapy - R3 Stem Cell

Exosome Therapy



R3 Stem Cell Pakistan

All the regenerative medicine procedures we offer at R3 Stem Cell Pakistan have been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States. Dr. David Greene has already performed more than 16,000 successful stem cell rejuvenation procedures in the United States with promising results. Hundreds of stem cell procedures have also been performed in Pakistan now. 

If you are looking for a truly organic, purely non-surgical, highly cost-effective, and totally risk-free treatment, R3 Stem Cell Pakistan is the right place for you. You can call us on 051-8896711 or write to us at info@r3stemcell.pk for free consultation and appointments.

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R3 Stem Cell Pakistan has established a state-of-the-art Stem Cell Therapy Hospital with all the advanced healthcare facilities. Here are some of the glimpses from our hospital.